investigation about borders between private and public space

What do public space, private space and intimacy mean for us now, in an age when new technologies such as public surveillance, the internet and social networks blur the borders between individual and shared spheres? OK(N)o questions the notions of private and public space, attempting to identify where our freedom in these two areas can be found.

OK(N)o will be a site-specific circus and physical theater performance to be shown in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments in different cities. The members of the company will create each performance with the participation of local artists. 
OK(N)o will play with the ideas of observing and of being watched, including putting the audience in the positions of both observer and observed and creating a "mise en abîme."  We will use windows as the focal point of our set design in order to make this impression. The windows will also help us make the link between the internal and external areas. To delve deeper into this concept of observer/observed and intimacy, we will also work with technology, using videos and researching the idea of the surveillance camera.


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