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Šrámy/ la débattue 


What is remembrance? 

What do we and what do our bodies hold from different stories of life? 

How can the history of pain be transposed through generations? How can we speak about this pain?


Šrámy/ la débattue is a site specific research combining circus, physical theatre and visual/video art. Exploring different spaces and playing with stones and ropes, Stéphanie NDuhirahe investigates her own family history and questions the visible and invisible marks that some historic events may have left on her. Šrámy also talks about the process of healing and recovery through talking and sharing.


Šrámy is also a collaboration with people from different backgrounds who can bring different perspectives to speak about this theme. The performance is built around the function of a specific place over a specific period of time so the show will always be a new experience and different stories will emerge from each time & place.


concept: Stéphanie NDuhirahe , Cie Pieds Perchés

on stage: Stéphanie NDuhirahe, Nguyễn Mỹ Ngân/Mor Wen,Andrea Krajčíková Kalců, Roman Džačar and invited artists 

invited artist: Angela Nwagbo, Jana Korb, Eliška Mesfin Boušková

outside eye: Markéta Stránská and Morgane Widmer 

outside eye for dramaturgy: Melmun Bajarchuu

sound design : Roman Džačar 

collaborators: François N'Duhirahe, Valérie N'Duhirahe, Cécile Nduhirahe, Hervé Munz

production: Schmilblick Spolek

supported by: 

 National Recovery Plan, Ministry of culture Czech Republic, City of Prague, State fund of Culture of the Czech Republic, Centre for choreografic Development SE.S.TA, Studio ALTA, Cirqueon, KD Mlejn, StationCircus, LOFFT – DAS THEATER, Korb+Stiefel.

The project is supported by the National Recovery Plan

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